Mysterious Fireball caught on Dashcam

Locals going about their daily business in Thailand were left in a state of shock after witnessing a mysterious fireball that shot across a clear blue sky. And luckily the strange incident was caught on a dashcam, showing that they are not just for filming accidents.

dashcam-cometThe incident that sent social media into a spin showed the footage from a Bangkok car driver equipped with a dashboard car camera, the video reveals a shooting fireball that seemed to explode as it fell from the sky.

The dashcam scene was recorded by local Porjai Jaturongkhakun on his way to work, he told the AFP, “It was the middle of a blue sky day and there was a quick, bright light coming down. I usually see shooting stars at night but I have never seen one in the day before”.

The fireball that shot across the Thai capital was widely thought to be an asteroid, and the video is shown below:-