Why You Need A Dashcam Now

Most people know of dashboard cameras or ‘dash cams’ from watching Youtube videos of dramatic crashes, high speed near misses and even funny stuff to lighten the mood. Every day thousands get uploaded, just check out Youtube and take a look.

dashcam-accidentBut behind these videos is a serious message. If something were to happen to you in your car and there was not conclusive evidence, then the police have to take your word for it.

If you are involved in an incident with a good and honest person that may be fine, but many people will lie when faced with a charge or may have to pay out some cash.

A dashcam can make your life easier and your journey much safer because you know that everyuthing that happens is recorded on a memory card for review and playback after any incident.

Dashcams are selling like hotcakes right now, and the reason they are taking the market by storm is because people understand that any accident that is filmed will prove who is responsible (even if it’s them).

By using a dashcam while driving around you can even save on insurance fees. There is a growing trend of insurance fraud, whereby drivers will intentionally ram you in ‘crash-for-cash’ scams, and then they pretend to be the victim. In just the last year the number of bogus insurance claims has increased by massively, dash cam recordings will show what actually happened and can help protect you from false insurance claims.

Dash cams are also great for any insurance claim because live film of an accident removes all doubt and acts as an eyewitness to the event, enabling any claims to be settled faster.

Car video recordings can also help if you have been convicted of traffic offenses erroneously. The police are able to issue fixed fines based on what they say you have done, giving you no real option but to pay up. A recording could prove your case.

Car cams are also helpful if you are not the victim but have witnessed a crime. ases of road rage, people being robbed or attacked could all be collected on your camera and used as evidence.

Because the roads can be a dangerous place and because the population is growing and growing, there will be more busy roads, congested streets and overcrowded motorways full of frustrated drivers. The longer you leave it before investing a small amount in a dashboard camera could prove very expensive if you are involved in any incident or accident.